2016 Review

2016 has been a busy year for Ben and me! We both have kept up regular performances with regional orchestras, in addition to our teaching and solo work. Our duo had a fantastic tour of Wisconsin in April. One of our stops was my undergraduate school, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire – it was amazing to see the great things happening in the music department and the development of the campus!

Ben and I were married this past summer as well, so that sort of interrupted our regular summer music activities! We were selected to play at ICA’s Clarinetfest in Lawrence, Kansas in August, so we were right back to rehearsing after the honeymoon.

This fall, I started full-time at Troy with applied clarinet, accompanying, and class piano courses. It has been challenging to keep up with the crazy schedule of teaching and performing, but it is paying off as I see so many students start to understand what it takes to major in music. 

It is almost finals week here at Troy. We are all looking forward to winter break and coming back fresh for all of the spring semester projects!

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