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Spring 2019

This past year has been a busy one! There have been a number of great events at Troy University, in addition to a few conference performances/presentation with Sources Duo. I have a couple new performance videos to add to the media section of the website, thanks to a short, but rewarding collaboration with pianist Mika Komuro a few weeks ago.

54254987_2463010150377040_5872096192082477056_oThe next adventure is Troy University Clarinet Day! On March 30th, we will welcome Jakub Bokun along with his duo partner Jakub Kościuszko (Poland), and James Zimmermann (Nashville Symphony) to Troy for a day of performances, masterclasses, and clarinet choir. Other performances feature Katrina Phillips, Joshua Mietz, and Jen Zimmerer, as well as myself and my colleague Tim Phillips. Jonathan Copeland (Clarinets by Copeland/Onks Woodwinds) will talk to the participants about clarinet maintenance and repair. It will be a full day!

Later in the summer, I will be premiering a work for solo E-flat clarinet by Steven Weimer at ClarinetFest 2019 in Knoxville, Tennessee. This piece is really fun to play, and I’m excited to share it with the clarinet community! It will be on my solo E-flat clarinet album, which has moved into the mixing/mastering stage. Once the electronics are finalized for a few tracks, I hope to update with a tentative release date!

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